Motion Controllers MP2000 Series

Yaskawa Electric Corporation Japan


The new MP2300 Machine Controller with compact cubic body offers best solutions to customers requirements:
  • Control to optimize your machine’s performance
  • Adaptability to your individual system
  • Operability for programming and maintenance

Custom-made Machine Controllers
The MP2300 is an all-in-one machine controller. It has three slots for other modules and a basic module whose standard functions include those of a CPU module, an SVB module, and an I/O module. The CPU can be used to control 48 axes (when two SVB-01 modules are mounted).

For Global Open Networks
Simply insert the optional modules in the slots to construct a global open network and expand I/O.Access to all controllers in the MP series from the Engineering PC connected to Ethernet and running MPE720.

Synchronous Sequence and Motion Processing
Achieves faster CPU processing and synchronized sequencing of motion control.

The MP2300 Machine Controller controls the machine’s motions in synchronization with high-speed scanning, which helps to reduce tact time. The motion control starts within 1 scan from the start signal. Also, the MP2300 can control different motions at the same time.

Maximizing the speed for arithmetic calculations is essential for high-speed motion control. The high-speed CPU processing of the MP2300 is capable of coping with large-capacity programs. Command Execution Time is 0.2ms/1,000 steps (1.4 times faster than MP930) The Program capacity of ladder program has 4k steps when the motion program has 1200k characters. (120k steps max. only with ladder program)

Easy Set-up
No need to input settings because the MP2300 automatically recognizes the connected optional modules and servo drivers. The MP2300 Machine Controller also automatically recognizes the configurations of the devices connected to the MECHATROLINK network and sets the required definitions to default values. To run a motor effort is reduced to installation and wiring.

Transmission Speed 100 Mbps with Mechatrolink-III
With high-speed network communications to servo drives, changing gains and switching the controls for speed, torque, and position can be accomplished online while the machine is running, so you can flexibly control the machine motions.

With ladder works and application conversion function (Engineering Tool MPE720)
An easy-to-use Windows-based editing technique for programming. Ladder programs of previous models like the MP930 can be easily converted for use with the MP2300. Total support for all stages of programming is also available.

Flexible and Adaptable
Various types of systems, such as analogue or networked systems, can be constructed by combining optional modules. The distributed installation of I/O, the use of a variety of motor drives, and communication to other brands of controllers are possible.

Motion Controllers MP2000 Series

Yaskawa Electric Corporation Japan

Features & Functions MP2300 Basic Module

One port for the MECHATROLINK is provided as a standard feature.Flash memory where the user can be stored is a standard feature.

Name Model Model
MP2300 JEPMC-MP2300 24VDC ± 20%, Mechatrolink II Channel, Input: 8 points, Output: 4 points


64-point I/O module for distributed I/Os, counter module, and pulse output module are available.

Optional Communication Modules

Used to construct an open network. Modules with various types of interfaces are available.

Name Model Description No. of Modules
218IF-01 JAPMC-CM2300

RS-232C port ×1

217IF-01 JAPMC-CM2310

RS-422/485 port

260IF-01 JAPMC-CM2320


215AIF-01 MPLINK JAPMC-CM2360 MPLINK communication/RS-232C 8
215AIF-01 CP-215 JAPMC-CM2361 CP-215 communication/RS-232C 8


Optional Local I/O Modules

Provides digital or analog I/O interface. 5 types of digital I/O modules, 2 type of analog I/O modules, and 1 type of counter module are available.

Name Model Description

Digital input: 16 points (sink output mode)
Digital output: 16 points (sink output mode)
Pulse input: 1 point


Digital input: 16 points (source output mode)
Digital output: 16 points (source output mode)
Pulse input: 1 point


Digital input: 32 points
Digital output: 32 points
(sink output mode)

LIO-05 JAPMC-IO2304 Digital input: 32 points
Digital output: 32 points
(source output mode)
DO-01 JAPMC-DO2300 Digital output: 64 points (sink output mode)
AI-01 JAPMC-AN2300 Analog input: 8 channels
AO-01 JAPMC-AN2310-E Analog output: 4 channels

Pulse-input counter


Motion Control Modules

Connects to the SERVOPACK for motion control. Various MECHATROLINK slaves can be connected to the SVB-01 module.

Name Model Description No. of Modules



Analog-output 2-axis servo control

PO-01 JAPMC-PL2310-E

Pulse output 4 axis servo control



Motion Controllers MP2000 Series

Yaskawa Electric Corporation Japan

MP2000 Series Motion Network configuration

Optional Modules can be inserted into any of the three slots, so the optimum system can be built for your machine.

High Performance
  • High control characteristics have been realized by increasing the CPU and Motion Network (MECHATROLINK-II) speed.
  • MECHATROLINK-II baud rate: 2.5 times faster
  • CPU processing speed: 1.4 times faster than MP930
  • MECHATROLINK-II enables position control, speed control, and torque control and makes precise synchronous control possible. The control mode can also be changed while online, facilitating complicated machine operations.
  • Select the appropriate Communication Module to use the following open networks.
  • Ethernet
  • DeviceNet
  • CP-215
  • FL-net
  • EtherNet/IP
  • EtherCAT
  • CompoNet
  • CC-Link

  • Easy to Use
    The time of machine development can be greatly reduced by using the self-configuration function that automatically detects devices connected to MECHATROLINK and automatically sets the required parameters.
    The application program converter can utilize your previous software assets with their accumulated databanks of specific knowledge to improve the system further.

The MP3300 machine controller in the MP3000 series, which is the successor to the MP2000 series, enables the industry's fastest synchronous scanning. By using it in combination with the Σ-7 series of AC servo drives, our customers can make the best use of systems with motion control offering a whole new range of exciting possibilities.

Enhanced control performance
The MP3300 delivers high-speed and high-level performances, and expands program capacity. The MP3300 is also capable of high-speed, synchronized communication with MECHATROLINK-III compatible Servo Drives and AC Drives.

Improved ease of use
Instead of opening an adjustment screen for each axis, adjustments of multi axes can be performed on just the one screen, dramatically reducing the setup time.

Improved maintainability
The CPU unit itself is equipped with a USB port for data storage purposes as a standard feature. This makes easy work of system version updating and backup, as well as the import and export of large volumes of data. Moreover, the data logging function makes it possible to save the operational statuses of a system in the internal RAM or a USB memory. The logging data can then be easily accessed from a host system in a remote location. This results in the ability to obtain large volumes of data, including system operational statuses, and significantly improves traceability on the production floor.

Complete compatibility with the MP2000 series
Compatibility means that customers can use the many different optional modules that have been available for use with the MP2000 series. It also means that they can directly use the program applications of the MP2000 series without making any changes. As a result, the transition from the MP2000 to the MP3300 is smooth, enabling improvements in the performance and functions of the customers' systems to easily be achieved.

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